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    How Accurate Are Zillow Estimates?

    Can you trust Zillow’s estimated value of your home?

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    How accurate is Zillow’s estimate of your home’s value? Several years ago, sites such as Zillow that offer automated estimators would give you an estimate that could be radically inaccurate. However, they’ve gotten much better. They have honed it in, and we’ve seen that their estimations are far better now than they were four or five years ago.

    The bad news is that Zillow has never been inside your home. They obviously don’t know what you’ve done to it, how it feels, or anything else. All they know is how things are selling in your neighborhood and how large your home is. They can do a decent job with that information, but you honestly need someone to come inside your house to give a more precise estimate of what your home is worth.

    I would love for that person to be me! So if you would like me to tell you what your home is worth, please give me a call or send me an email. I would love to be your real estate source.

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