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    The Best Time to Sell Your Home in NC

    Spring isn’t the best time to sell here in North Carolina, and here’s why.

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    Many people believe that it’s best to sell a home in March or April. It’s a good time to sell for families who want to move without having to remove children from school, and incoming medical school residents are often looking for homes to buy during these spring months.

    However, because everyone thinks spring is a good time to sell, we have a sudden influx of sellers who waited until then to list their homes. So, is spring the only time you should sell your home? The answer is: It varies.

    We found an infographic that shows the best month to sell a home in each state. You can view this at 1:50 in the video.

    What does it say for North Carolina? Not March, not April—January is the best time to sell a home.


    You want your home on the market
    when the housing supply is down.


    By looking at the graph at 2:16 that shows us our months’ supply of inventory (the number of homes compared to the number of buyers), we can find out when it’s best to sell. There’s a very predictable pattern—every year, the lowest supply of inventory is in January.

    This is great for sellers; you want your home on the market when the housing supply is down.

    If you want to put your home on the market, now’s the time to do so. Feel free to reach out to us if you are ready to begin the home selling process, have any questions, or need more information. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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