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    The Top 3 Ways to Ruin the Vibe of a Room

    Spotlight Realty’s resident stager, Sasha Kanarski, joins me today to talk about three great ways to ruin the good vibes in a room.

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    Ruining a home’s vibes is actually pretty easy—here are three ways you can do it (or, rather, three ways to avoid doing it):

    1. A lack of fresh paint. Keeping a whacky or ‘fun’ color that just doesn’t match can hinder how potential buyers view themselves in the space with their own belongings. On the other hand, painting a room white or a gray-beige can instantly make it feel so much more vibrant, inviting, and fresh. Staging a home is like creating a blank canvas to allow others to have their fun; remove your fun color and go with a neutral palette. It’s best to create a space that will appeal to a wide audience.

    2. Outdated light fixtures. If you’re trying to ruin the vibe of a room, keep those outdated light fixtures. Light fixtures are focal points in any room, so if you don’t want to push people away, replace them—especially in rooms that people spend the most time in. The kitchen, dining room, living room, and other spaces are all examples of rooms where you tend to entertain. When you walk into a room, light fixtures are typically at eye-level, and furniture is often gathered around them. Keeping old fixtures can make a space with an otherwise great layout feel instantly older than it should. Replacing old light fixtures is easy! Just don’t electrocute yourself in the process—it turns out that dying is another way to quickly kill the vibe in a room.


    Keeping old fixtures can make a space with an otherwise
    great layout feel instantly older than it should.


    3. Old window treatments. Unless you want to send buyers packing, old, drabby curtains and blinds are best removed and replaced. Doing so will let in a lot of natural light, which is great for photographing your home and for showings. If you do replace your window treatments, be sure to replace them with neutrally colored or see-through ones, so as to continue letting in lots of light. These match well with most furniture arrangements, and they also give the space a nice, fresh feel.

    If ruining the appeal of your home is your goal, these three items are great ways to do it. However, if you’re more interested in increasing the appeal of your home, or if you have other questions about staging and how to prepare your home for sale in general, feel free to reach out to us. We’d be delighted to help you.

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